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Warman Slurry Pump Supplier

Warman slurry pump is suitable for delivering the strong abrasive, high and low density, high head slurries, with thick wear parts and heavy duty supports. In the allowable range of pump work pressure, the pumps could run in series to reach higher head.

Warman slurry pump has good cavitation performance and high efficiency. Multistage series technology can be used to meet long-distance transport.Overflow components have a variety of metals available, and increase the depth.Using a variety of speed and a variety of variants, making the pump in the best industrial and mining operation. Long service life, high operating efficiency, to meet a variety of poor delivery conditions.Wear parts long life, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high reliability, can be multi-level series.

We supply various pump,such as gravel pump, Horizontal Slurry Pump etc.If you have some need,please contact us!

warman slurry pump

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