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Water Pump with Diesel Engine

An Pump Machinery company is a professional water pump with diesel engine manufacturer in China.Do you know what you should pay attention to when starting the diesel pump for the first time?

When starting water pump with diesel engine for the first time, check the installation of all equipment and start the following requirements:

1. Suspension into the oil from the fuel port to the diesel engine and pump, and with oil dipstick check the oil level, meet the requirements of height;

2. Adding cooling water from the expansion tank to the diesel engine, water level to 2/3 expansion tank is appropriate;

3. Infuse diesel into the fuel tank, pressure exhaust handlance, so that diesel through the filter into the machine;
4. Connecting the pump inlet and outlet pipes and gate valves, closing the outlet pipes, outlet pressure gauges and vacuum pressure gauges;

5. Infuse water to the pump and inlet pipe or vacuum water, and emptying the air;

6. Open the outer circulation cooling water valve;

7.When the inlet valve is fully open and the outlet valve is closed, start the water pump with diesel engine. When the diesel engine reaches the normal speed, gradually open the valve on the outlet pipe and adjust to the required condition.

Water Pump with Diesel Engine

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