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Water pump with diesel engine manufacturers

An pump machinery is one company of the group fluid machinery manufacturing company, established in 1986th , is committed to the slurry, water, seawater, slurry (sugar, paper), sand and other fluid delivery product development, mold manufacturing, casting, heat treatment , machining, testing in a complete system of manufacturing products, the product quality can be fully protected, the manufacturing process can be traceable, with high-quality system assembly capabilities in pumps, valves, pipes, motors or diesel engines to form to create a smooth transmission system , The company's products are approval by the ISO9001 SGS CE BV TUV and other international certification.

Water pump with diesel engine manufacturers
The water pump with diesel engine is one of our products. Our water pump like QI, QS, QD and AZX water pump are the water pump supported driven by diesel engine or electric motor. We do the diesel engine water pump in all famous brand diesel engine all over the world like Cummins, Deutz or Chinese brand like Weichai, Shanghai etc. They are the diesel water pump widely used when there is no power supply at work site like irrigation, remote mine site or fire fighting etc.
Water pump with diesel engine manufacturers

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