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What are the causes of water pump packing leakage?

1.Deterioration of the packing is one of the main causes of excessive water leakage and short service life of the pump packing. In addition, the causes of the failure also include loss of elasticity and poor quality of the packing.
2.Among the many packings, asbestos packing is a kind of packing which is widely used at present. After dry hardening, it will form a hard block, which will greatly reduce the contact area with the pump shaft and increase wear. The following is a detailed introduction to the cause of water leakage of the pump packing.
3.The packing replacement cycle is too long and the packing is aging. Poor packing quality, loose structure, and easy wear failure are the causes of water leakage of the pump packing. Therefore, the packing needs to be replaced.
4.In addition, during the operation of the pump, if the packing gland is too tight, the packing wrap the pump shaft tightly, it will cause the water in the water seal ring can not pass through, resulting in failure of the filler due to insufficient cooling and lubrication. At this time, the packing gland should be loosed until the water flows out by drop.
5.The inner ring of the water seal ring of the pump is too small, the number of small holes on the ring is insufficient or blocked, the installation position of the water seal ring is incorrect, the water seal pipe is blocked, and the gap between the packing gland and the pump shaft is too small, which also causes the water leakage of the pump packing.
6.Packing is an important part of the pump. Whether it can operate normally has a great relationship with the packing. Therefore, it must be checked frequently during daily use.
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