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Which Dredge Pump Manufacturer Is Trustworthy

An Pump is adredge pump manufacturers in China.The structure of 200AWN-500AWN type pumps are single-casing, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever and horizontal. According to the connection with the gear box, two structures can be offered: self-carrying bracket and pump-box assembly. The lubrication for the bracket is grease
or thin oil.

The structure of 600AWN-1000AWN type pumps are double-casing, single-stage, single suction, cantilever and horizontal. It has self-carrying bracket. Lubrication is forced thin oil lubricating. The double-casing design can ensure the liner can work till it is worn out, and if the liner crack, water
can not enter into the pump.

AWN type pump adopts front-disassembly structure in favor of easy disassembly and maintenance. Also it is equipped with special disassembly tools for each different part according to each part’s features. The standard trapezoidal quadruple thread is adopted to connect the impeller and shaft, which not only transmits strong torque but also is easy to disassembly.

Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery is one professional dredge pump manufacturers from China, We are the dredge pump manufacturers approval by ISO, CE, SGS,BV, TUV and many other third party inspection company. We have our own foundry and whole processing from casting, machine and test of the dredger pump especially for the big size dredge pump. Our shop over 50,000 square meters. There are professional engineer over 20. The max casting parts we could do over 7 tons and every month over 600 tons in casting work. The max size for our heat treatment equipment is 5.5mx2.5m. The biggest parts we could machine is 6.4m. We have the ability to assembly the whole big size dredger pump and max capacity of our crane over 30 tons!

We have submersible waste water pump,centrifugal slurry pump and other types pump to sale,if you need,contact us now.dredge pump manufacturers

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