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Why does the centrifugal end suction pump run dry? What harm?

The centrifugal end suction pump idling will causegreat damage to the pump, which may cause cavitation or damage to themechanical seal. Today, I will explore with you the cause and harm ofcentrifugal pump idling.

Cause of idling

The inlet medium of the water pump isinsufficient or the water inlet pressure is insufficient, or the water inletpipe of the water pump is blocked, or the air in the water cavity of the waterpump is not exhausted.

The danger of idling

The impact on the water pump has thefollowing aspects:

(1) Because there is a large amount of gasin the idling water pump, it is easy to cause cavitation and cause damage tothe pump body and the flow parts;

(2) There is no liquid lubrication formechanical seals or packing seals, and dry grinding is extremely easy to causewear;

(3) There is no one who lubricates thebalance plate of the multi-stage centrifugal pump that is idling, and thebalance plate will soon be burned to death and damaged;

(4) There is no liquid when the pump isidling, the rotor parts and the pump body will generate heat, fail to get thetemperature, and thermal expansion and contraction will easily cause some gaps(such as seal rings) to bite.

Early warning and maintenance

(1) The gap positions of the centrifugalpump are processed, and they can be enlarged under the permitted conditions toprevent biting;

(2) Special processing of the shaft of thecentrifugal pump, quenching and tempering, heat treatment, etc., to increasethe hardness, use low flexibility materials to prevent large swings and idlingduring idling;

(3) Use machine seals and packing chambersthat do not need to rely on liquid medium lubrication;

(4) Use sealed self-lubricating bearingswithout refueling;

(5) Compared with other centrifugal pumps,the pump cavity of the horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump has a largervolume space and has a place where water can be stored. Before the normaloperation of the self-priming centrifugal pump, the cavity must be filled withliquid. Before running, there is a self-priming time. During this time, the airis continuously discharged to the outside of the pump. This period of time ispartly idling;

(6) Set the idling induction system.Real-time monitoring of water pumps through modern equipment. When thecentrifugal pump is idling, it immediately alarms and automatically shuts downto protect the safety of the unit.

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