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Why the centrifugal pump needs to be deflated before started

Centrifugal pumps rely on the impeller to rotate at high speed, and the rotating water flies away from the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. After the water in the pump is thrown out, a vacuum area is formed at the center part of the impeller. The water of the water is pressed into the inlet pipe through the pipe network under the action of atmospheric pressure (or water pressure). As a result, low pressure is formed at the center of the impeller, and the liquid in the low trough is continuously sucked up.
If before starting the centrifugal pump shell filled with gas, then after the start of the center of the impeller was thrown in the gas can not be large enough to form the vacuum, so that liquid in the bath can not be sucked, this phenomenon is called gas binding, so in the Centrifugal Pump Handbook will first specify: non idling liquid.
Another reason is that the gas is compressible. Once the gas is compressed, it will occupy the space of the centrifugal pump, so that the pump will not be able to pump.

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centrifugal slurry pump

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