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Working Principle and Characteristics of Submersible Sewage Pump

Pump impellers, pressurized water chambers,etc. are the two core elements of sewage pumps. The advantages anddisadvantages of its performance means that the performance of the pump is superior.The anti-blocking performance, efficiency and cavitation performance of thesewage sewage pump are guaranteed by the two major components of the leaf pumpand the pressurized water chamber.

The working principle of the sewage sewagepump and the characteristics of the sewage sewage pump are one type ofnon-blocking pump, which has various forms: for example, submersible and drytype, the most common type of submersible sewage pump WQ type, the most commondry sewage Pumps such as W-type horizontal sewage pump and WL vertical sewagepump. It is mainly used to transport urban sewage, feces or liquids containingfibers. The medium of solid particles, usually the temperature of the medium tobe transported is not more than 80 °C. Since the medium to be transportedcontains fibers that are easily entangled or bunched. Therefore, it is easy toblock the pump flow path, and once the pump is clogged, the pump may not worknormally, or even burn the motor, thereby causing poor drainage. It has aserious impact on urban life and environmental pollution. Therefore, animportant factor in plug resistance and reliability is the quality of thesewage pump.

In terms of performance, the sewage pump hasa steep drop head curve and a flat power curve.

The most common type of pressurized waterchamber used in sewage pumps is the volute. Radial vanes or runner vanes areoften used in internal submersible pumps. The volute has three types: spiraltype, ring type and intermediate type. The spiral volute is basically not usedin the sewage pump. The annular pressure water chamber is more convenient touse on a small sewage pump because of its simple structure. However, due to theappearance of the intermediate type (semi-spiral) pressurized water chamber,the application range of the annular pressurized water chamber is graduallyreduced. The intermediate pressurized water chamber has both high efficiency ofthe spiral and high permeability of the annular pressurized water chamber. Ithas received increasing attention from manufacturers.

The following describes the type of sewagepump impeller:


1. Impeller structure type:

The structure of the impeller is divided intofour categories: vane type (open type, closed type), swirl type, flow pathtype, (including single flow path and double flow path), spiral centrifugaltype, and open semi-open impeller is easy to manufacture. When the impeller isclogged, it can be easily cleaned and repaired. However, in the long-termoperation, the gap between the vane and the sidewall of the pressurized waterchamber is increased under the abrasion of the particles, thereby reducing theefficiency. And the addition of the gap destroys the pressure difference on theblade. Not only does it generate a large amount of vortex loss, but it alsoincreases the axial force of the pump. At the same time, due to the increasedclearance, the stability of the liquid flow state in the flow channel isdestroyed, causing the pump to vibrate. This type of impeller is not easy totransport. The medium of large particles and long fibers, in terms ofperformance, the impeller of this type has low efficiency, and the highestefficiency is about 92% of that of the ordinary closed impeller, and the headcurve is relatively flat.

2. Rotating the impeller:

Pumps of this type are used because theimpeller partially or completely retracts from the pressure chamber flow path.Therefore, the non-clogging performance is good, and the passing ability of theparticles and the long fibers is strong. The particles move in the waterpressure chamber and are driven by the vortex generated by the rotation of theimpeller. The suspended particles move themselves without generating energy,and the liquid and the liquid exchange energy. During the flow process, thesuspended particles or long fibers are not in contact with the worn blades, andthe blades are less worn. The gap does not increase due to abrasion, and theproblem of serious decline in efficiency is not caused in long-term operation.The pump of this type of impeller is suitable for pumping media containinglarge particles and long fibers. In terms of performance, the impeller isinefficient, only about 70% of the ordinary closed impeller, and the head curveis relatively flat.

3. Screw centrifugal impeller:

The blades of this type of impeller aretwisted helical blades that extend axially from the suction port on the taperedhub body. The pump of this type of impeller also functions as a positivedisplacement pump and a centrifugal pump. When the suspended particles flowthrough the blade, they do not hit any part of the pump, so the damage is good.Destructive to the transported material is small. The pump with this type ofimpeller is suitable for pumping media containing large particles and longfibers, as well as high concentration media, due to the propulsive action ofthe helix and the high permeability of the suspended particles. It has obviousfeatures in the case where the damage of the transport medium is strictlyrequired.

4. Flow path impeller:

This impeller is a bladeless impeller, whichis a curved flow path from the inlet to the outlet. Therefore, it is suitablefor pumping a medium containing large particles and long fibers. Goodresistance to blocking. In terms of performance, the efficiency of the type ofimpeller is not much different from that of the ordinary closed impeller, butthe head curve of the impeller pump is steeply lowered. The power curve isrelatively stable and it is not easy to generate super power. However, theimpeller performance of this type of impeller is not as good as that of theordinary closed impeller, especially for the pump with pressure inlet.

5. Closed impeller:

This type of impeller has a generally higherefficiency. In the long-term stable operation, the pump with this type ofimpeller has a small axial force, and the auxiliary blades can be arranged onthe front and rear covers. The secondary vanes on the front cover reduce vortexlosses at the impeller inlet and wear of the particles against the seal ring.The auxiliary vanes on the rear cover not only act to balance the axial force,but also prevent the suspended particles from entering the mechanical sealchamber to protect the mechanical seal. However, the impeller has poornon-blocking properties and is easy to entangle, and is not suitable forpumping a sewage medium containing a large amount of particles (long fibers).

In summary, regardless of any series ofsewage pump impellers, only a combination of different types of impellers anddifferent types of pressurized water chambers according to the requirements ofconveying medium and installation, as long as the impeller and the pressurizedwater chamber can be optimally configured. The various properties of the pumpare guaranteed.

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