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How to choose a submersible sewage pump

Most of the submersible sewage pumps we see on markets today call themselves non-clogging sewage pumps. But are they really non-clogging? That depends. Clients usually find their sewage pumps get clogged soon after being put into use in the sewage pool. As a result, the motor of the pump burns out.


Reliability is of key importance for sewage pump model selection. We need the sewage pump to deliver fluids that contain solid materials. That calls for higher standards for submersible sewage pump in terms of mechanical seal, motor capacity, shaft arrangement and selection, than common pumps.
To prolong the service life of submersible sewage pumps, most manufacturers at home and abroad are trying to find a solution with protective system.
It is necessary to add protective system to the submersible sewage pump. But this is not the key to the problem.
To solve the problem thoroughly, we should work on the mechanical seal and overload of the motor.
Notes for submersible sewage pump model selection
The flow quantity of submersible sewage pump should be counted by seconds. If you need to adjust the flow quantity, you can choose according to the max rated value.
We should decide the head of the pump according to the lifting height and loss in pipeline. If you need to deliver mixed fluids containing solid materials, such as sands, generally you should choose self-priming submersible sewage pump. Before placing the order, you had better get a good knowledge about the seal performance and load capacity of the pump.
Submersible sewage pumps used in buildings include submerged sewage pump, vertical submersible sewage pump and horizontal submersible sewage pump. For the last two types, we need to set a shock insulation base, which would take some ground space. For that reason, these two types are rarely used in buildings.
submersible-sewage-pumpelection guide and precautions forsewage pumps Common sundries that drain pump is blocked:
(1) convenient bags in hotels, hotels and kitchens;
(2) hair and hand bags at the bath centre;
(3) woven bags, woven ropes and plastic bags in the puddles.
(4) the sanitary towels and other fibers in the septic tank;
It can be seen from the above situations that the submersible sewage pump is blocked by some soft fibers.The general submersible sewage pump can only discharge some mixture of mud and water with sediment or particles, so only the submersible sewage pump which can crush the above soft fibers can be called non-clogging sewage pump.At present, the general sewage pump structure in the market is s-type flow channel flat impeller and closed flow channel impeller, and the effluent effect is good.

The following points should be noted in the selection of models:
(1) the caliber of the submersible sewage pump should be more than DN65 or DN80 if possible.
(2) the impeller is made of high strength materials.
(3) the truly unclogging submersible blow down pump is the submersible capstan pump, which is equipped with a set of cemented carbide knives, all of which are crushed before passing through the runner.
Now many property companies have been troubled by the problem of the sewage pump being blocked and burning the motor. After the adoption of the submersible knife pump, the original problem was solved.
The submersible capstan pump can solve the problem of toilet renovation and the blockage of sewage discharge in the club.

submersible-sewage-pumpsGuide for selection of submersible sewage pump product features:
(1). The unique one-piece or double-blade time-wheel structure greatly improves the ability of living things to pass through.
Can effectively pass 5 times the diameter of the pump fiber material and the diameter of the pump about 50% of the diameter of the solid particles
(2). The mechanical seal adopts a new type of hard and corrosion resistant softening tungsten material, which can make the pump run safely and continuously for 8000 days
More than an hour.
(3). Compact structure, small volume, low noise, significant energy saving effect, convenient maintenance, no pump room needed
, which can be operated by pouring into water, greatly reducing the project cost of diving sewage pump
(4). The sealing oil chamber of this pump is equipped with high precision anti-interference water leakage detection sensor.
Thermosensitive elements are embedded in stator windings to protect the pump motor automatically.
(5). The fully automatic control cabinet can be equipped according to the needs of users.
The leakage, leakage, overload and over temperature of the pump are automatically protected, which improves the safety and reliability of the product.
(6). The float switch can automatically control the start and stop of the pump according to the change of required liquid level.
No personal care, very convenient to use.
Submersible sewage pump selection guide product advantages:
(1).100% copper is used in the motor
(2). Bearing (tile shop)
(3). The sealing materials of the machine are tungsten carbide and silicon carbide
(4). The shell is electrophoretic paint, durable, high density and good appearance
(5). Professional test bench, each of which has passed the pressure test
(6). Each station has been tested
Guide for the selection of submersible sewage pump model application:
(1). Blow down pump series are applicable when rated voltage is 380V and power frequency is 50Hz
(2). The temperature of the medium shall not exceed 40c, and the density of the medium shall not exceed 1150kg/m3, and the PH value shall be 5-9 Range between
(3). The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters;
(4). The annual viscosity of the conveying medium shall not exceed 1000CP;
(5). The material of the product is mainly cast iron, which cannot be used in highly corrosive or corrosive media

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