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desulphurization pump factory

Are you looking for the professional desulphurization pump factory with high quality and good price?We are thedesulphurization pump factory of china.

With the new emissions standards arriving at a time when energy prices and global warming dominate the news, Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) technology has become the hot topic of power generation. Wet FGD technology, which is based on using limestone or lime as a reagent, is a wet scrubbing process and has been the FGD technology most frequently selected for sulfur dioxide (SO2) reduction from coal-fired utility boilers. The ADT series centrifugal slurry pump are special designed for transporting of the limestone or lime in the processing of the wet flue gas desulphurization. The new developed high chrome materials make the ADT pump get better performance at FGD processing!

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