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diesel driven centrifugal pumps for sale

When there is no stable power at the land, how to do when you need water like irrigation, mine site or other remote area etc.?

The diesel driven centrifugal pumps for sales of An Pump is your best solution in such conditions. Our QI,QS and QD series water pump could be driven by electric motor or diesel engine. We support most brand of world famous like Deutz, Cummins or good Chinese brand like Weichai, Yuchai and Changchai for different required of the customers. All the diesel engine have the after sales supported all over the world.

Sometimes, the building or some plant also need the diesel driven centrifugal pumps for sales as the fire fighting pump as it don’t need electric when there is urgently affairs like fire.

The diesel engine is very important for the diesel driven centrifugal pumps but it is do customer preference. Like the brand of Cummins, it is famous brand and good quality and more support area in after sales service but more expansive than Deutz and Chinese brand. Deutz have the type of air cooling and some area lack of water will be better in operation. The Chinese brand like Weichai, it is also very good brand and stable in operation though some customer have their own preference like Cummins but it is much better when there is limitation in the budget.

More details of the difference of the engine and water pumps, pls contact pump@angroupcn.com to get further details if you are interested!

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