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Heavy Duty Slurry Pump


An PumpMachinery is one of the leading manufacturer of heavy duty slurry pump inChina.


AZ series heavy duty slurrypump is suitable for handling slurry with abrasive and corrosive solids, which maximumweight density of 45% (ash and coal slurry) and 60%(ore and heavy slurry). It widelyused in power, metallurgy, mining, coal, construction materials and othersectors. AZ series can be installed in series according to end user’srequirements too.

AZ series heavy duty slurry pumps lead in various technical performance in our domestic counterparts. With mostof the approaching the quality, high performance, best service advanced world levelin efficiency, the pumps are used all over the world and exported to Europe, Americaand Africa.

Working Conditions:

1. Medium temperature:General: ≤80℃; Special up to: 110℃

2. Solid-liquid mixtureconcentration by weight:

 a Mortar concentration: ≤45% and ≤60% pulp density;

b Flow range: 30~2000m3/h;

c Head range: 15~130m.


1. Mine: Black,colored slurry feed pump and delivery for kinds of concentrate sand tailings;

2. Metallurgy: Transportof various kinds of aluminum and steel mill slurry;

3. Coal: Delivery forcoal mining, washing, all kinds of coarse and fine coal slurry;

4. Electricity: Transportfor power plant ash, ash washing, various ash slurry,or mortar;

5. BuildingMaterials: Delivery for all kinds of including sediment slurry(such as cement plantslurry);

6. Chemical: Deliveryof phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer plant all kinds of abrasive slurry;

7. Water Works: Lake,river dredging, sediment, gravel, clay high plastic suction and discharge.

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