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high pressure submersible water pump

high pressure submersible water pump
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Three-phase electric and two phase electric high pressure water pump points, and by the plunger plunger reciprocating movement to complete the set. When the plunger in the lower position, the two on the plunger sleeve hole is opened, the plunger sleeve inner cavity and waterway in the pump body are interlinked, water quickly fill the water chamber. When the top on the roller body roller CAM, plunger is rising. Starting from the plunger upward movement between to the front of the hole is blocked by column inserting end face. In this period of time, due to the movement of the plunger, out of the water from the water room, flowing into waterways. So this lift is called pre trip. When the piston will hole blocking, began to water pressure process. Column line, indoor water pressure rise sharply. When pressure exceeds the elasticity of the discharge valve and the upper water pressure, just open the water valve, water pressure into the water to the sprinkler.
The inlet opening on the plunger sleeve completely blocked by column inserting end moment referred to as the theoretical starting point of water supply. Plunger continue upward movement, the water supply has been continued pressure water process continues to the fortress of the column spiral bevel edge out plunger sleeve back into the hole, when opened, fortress of the high pressure water from the water chamber through column longitudinal slot and the back on the plunger sleeve hole flow back into the waterways in the pump body. The plunger set of water chamber pressure falling rapidly, the role of water pressure in falling back to the seat, immediately stop water. At this time while the plunger is still to continue upward, but the water has been terminated. Last time plunger sleeve hole open hypotenuse plunger moment called theory of water supply end. In the whole process of plunger upward movement, just in the middle of a journey is a process of pressurized water, the trip is called the effective stroke of plunger.
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