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installation of stainless steel chemical pump

Stainless steel chemical pump installation shall meet the following requirements:
1, stainless steel chemical pump disintegration installed to pump the processing surface of the base, the pump vertical, horizontal level of allowable deviation of 0.05 mm / m;
2, stainless steel chemical pump overall installation shall import and export flange or other horizontal machining plane as a reference for leveling. Levelness tolerance: Portrait of 0.05 mm / m; transverse to 0.10 mm / m.
3, when the driving shaft and the driven shaft to shaft coupling, the two axes of the deviation and the gap between the two halves of the coupling end HGJ203-83 shall comply with the provisions of;
4, when the driving shaft and the driven shaft is connected to the tape drive, two-axis parallelism tolerances, two rounds of the plane relative axial displacement shall comply HGJ203-83's.
5 All stainless steel chemical pump body connection pipes, pipe fittings installation, cleaning and lubricating oil pipeline requirements, shall comply with the provisions of HGJ203-83.
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