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Main process description and production process flow chart of mining ore and plant selection

First, the main process description of oremining:

1. Rock drilling section

Excavation is the first process of mining.Its function is to use the rock drill to drill the blast hole in the plannedmining area, and to provide the charging space for the subsequent blastingwork. The boring is strictly carried out according to the requirements of theblasting technician on duty. The error of the blast hole row spacing iscontrolled at ±0.2mm, the hole spacing error is controlled at ±0.2m, and thehole depth error is controlled at ±0.2m.

2, Blast Hole section

The medium-deep holes blasting is used toblow out the debris in the blast hole with the pressure air tube. (The blastingtechnician checks and accepts the hole depth and the hole net in the explosionarea. If the blast hole is unqualified, the blasting cannot be performed).Charge the excavated blast hole, the charge is filled according to thecalculation formula of the borehole aperture, the minimum resistance line andthe adjacent holes distance around the blast hole. The blasting earthquake,blasting flying stone, noise and other hazards generated by blasting should becontrolled. Within the allowable range.

3, Shovel loading section

With the shovel loading, except for theblasting quality factor, the face of the face should not be raised or dug atwill; the partial car should not be loaded to make the vehicle lose weight. Incase of large ore (waste stone), it should be shoveled after being treated onthe working surface. .

4. Transportation section

The underground transportation is carriedout by car. In the course of transportation, attention should be paid to theprotection of the facilities of the underground roadways. The various systemsand transportation systems under the well should be strictly observed.

Second, the main process description of theconcentrator:

1. Broken section

The phosphate rock is sent to the hammercrusher by the vibration feeding machine. After the crushed ore is screened,the coarse particles enter the crushing, and the qualified ore enters the ballgrinding section through the disc feeder. The dusty exhaust gas is dischargedby a 15-meter high exhaust pipe after being treated by a bag dust collector.

2, Grinding miners

The wet ore is used to grind the phosphateore together with water to form a slurry containing a certain amount of water.After the ore is ball milled, the ore after the classification is sent to theball returning machine, and the qualified slurry enters the flotation section.

3. Flotation section

The anti-flotation process is used for oredressing. The slurry is added with sulfuric acid, flotation agent and theflocculant in the flotation machine. The PH is controlled at 5.1-5.3. The airis introduced into the air by the Roots blower. After the flotation, the slurryand tailings enter the concentrate respectively. Thickener and tailingsthickener.

4, The filter section

The concentrate and tailings are settled bythickener to remove most of the water. The concentrate award is filtered by avertical filter press to a concentrate product with a water content of about20%. The tailings slurry is added with lime in the neutralization tank, the pHis adjusted to 8-9, and then pumped to the mine storage by tailings. Thetailing leachate collects the percolation tank through the bottom of the stock,and then is pumped back to the ore dressing for supplementary water.

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