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slurry pump factory in China

Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is a slurry pump factory in China.The slurry pump is a centrifugal pump in principle. It is a device that converts electrical energy into the kinetic energy and potential energy of a medium by means of a mechanism of increasing the energy of the solid and liquid mixing medium by the action of centrifugal force (rotation of the impeller of the pump).

It is mainly applicable to: mines, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and oil and other industries.
The name of the slurry pump is a centrifugal pump divided from the perspective of the conveying medium. Another slurry pump from different angles can also be divided into different types.

Pump in addition to pumping, you can also smoke gas, solid, solid-liquid mixture - mineral mud!Pump in addition to pump water, you can also pump gas, solid, solid-liquid mixture - mineral slurry! In addition to these advantages, the slurry pump also has a very important feature, that is, energy saving.Energy saving of slurry pump is lower than that of similar products 4%-8%.

slurry pump factory

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