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slush pumps and sludge pumps

ANPUMP slurry pumps are used to transport viscous liquids and liquids carrying solid particles. These pumps are designed so that particulate does not damage or degrade the pump components, or cause significant clogging. They can be effective on materials ranging from crude oil and mud to ash slurry and human waste. However, there are a great variety of slurry pumps, each effective with different concentrations and consistencies of slurry.

In many applications, the use of a slurry pump is an obvious necessity; waste removal and transport of various mined materials, for example, clearly require an effective slurry pump. However, there are a variety of applications where the use of a slurry pump, although equally necessary, is far less evident. In these situations, companies can waste a great amount of money on pump repair, maintenance and replacementmoney that could have been saved by the installation of a slurry pump. Generally, a slurry pump should be considered whenever a fluid may contain more particulate than normal drinking water.

In design, slurry pumps are manufactured from a large assortment of materials. They are usually larger in size than normal liquid pumps, but this is merely a generality and most pump manufacturers can engineer slurry pumps to a variety of sizes. The primary factor in slurry pump design is the application for which the pump will be used. Rubber-lined pumps, for example, are effective for liquids containing fine particulate, while hard metal is necessary for rough solids. By and large, slurry pumps are manufactured to withstand a great deal of wear, and most perform in harsh environments with relatively little maintenance. These pumps can run trouble-free for extended periods of time in extreme conditions, even submerged.

Centrifugal pumps are often employed as slurry pumps. These pumps operate through the movement of a fixed impeller on a rotating shaft. This impeller is contained within a casing, and its movement generates centrifugal force, creating pressure in the fluid being pumped.

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