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AZXH-Self Priming Chemical Pump

AZXH Self priming chemical pump description:
Our AZX Series Self-Priming Pump is kind of energy-saving pump, developed by us after studying relevant technical data both domestic and abroad, and also making much improvement. The SZ series self-priming centrifugal pump, featured by a compacted structure, easy and stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong self-priming capacity etc.
AZXH Self priming chemical pump features
High efficiency,compact design,light weight,save space and easy to install
Using mechanical seal which no damage to shaft and life extension
Special construction for the pump casing,high self priming capability
With half open type impeller which drainages waste water effectively
Only initial water adding is required to save the trouble of continously water addings
AZXH Self priming chemical pump application
--- Applicable for urban environment, construction, fire control, chemical industry, pharmacy, dye, brewage, power electricity, plating, paper making, washing of industrial mines, cooling of equipments, etc.
--- Applicable for clean water, sea water, liquid chemical media with a certain degree of acidity and alkalinity and generally past rerum
AZXH Self priming chemical pump structure:

AZXH Self priming chemical pump performance chart

AZXH Self priming chemical pump drawing

AZXH Self priming chemical pump performance date sheet
Pump Model Capacity (m3/h) Head (m) Suction Height (m) Speed (rpm)
40AZX 1-6.4 20-40 6.5 2900
50 AZX 1-10 25-42 6.5 2900
65 AZX 25-30 15-32 6 2900
80 AZX 35-60 13-70 6 2900
100 AZX 70-100 20-75 6 2900
150 AZX 170 55-65 5 2900
200 AZX 280-400 32-65 5 1450
250 AZX 400-550 32-75 5 1450
300 AZX 400-600 32-75 5 1450

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