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QDLH-Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump

QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump description:
QDL type pump suction intake is located on the lower portion of the inlet section of pump, outlet is located on top of the pump discharge segment, both in horizontal direction. The outlet of the pump can keep the angle of 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° with suction intake according to the user's needs (when the regular installation as 0 °).
Pumps mainly composed of suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment, bearing bracket, motor bracket, impeller, guide vanes, shafts, bearings, shaft sleeve, balance drum etc other parts. Suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment, bearing bracket form of working room. Shaft, impeller, balancing drum and shaft sleeve composed of rotor components. Axial force balanced by the balance drum, remaining axial force suffered by the upper end radial-thrust ball bearing. Suction segment, middle segment, discharge segment separately installed with seal ring, to reduce high-pressure water leakage back room.
Shaft upper end fitted with radial-thrust ball bearings, the bottom installed with sliding bearings. Rolling bearing lubricate by grease. Hot water circulating pump using normal temperature water to cool. Shaft seal is soft packing seal, can also be interchanged with mechanical seal, lubricate and cool by pressure water of balance chamber.
Pump driven by a vertical motor, from the motor side, the pump is rotated counterclockwise.
1.Water-power model design, high efficiency and save energy.
2. There is vane wheel inside, the pump shell and main fittings takes with stainless steel punch, flow-road is very smooth, axle sleeve is hard metal tool, so that will be super-powerful long lasting using time, to prevent producing second pollution and its axle cover seals with wear-resisting machine, unreveal.
Feature for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump
1, Easy maintenance: vertical pipeline structure, inlet & outlet at the same level, can be installed in any position and any direction, it is very easy whatever maintenance or installation.
2, No water pollution: the keyflow passage components are made of stainless steel after stamping, which has good characteristics of light weight, clean, health, it is a perfect water pump of environmental protection, energy-saving.
3, low operating cost, the main flow passage components are made of stainless steel after stamping, smooth flow passage components, which has good characteristics of high efficiency, less loss, low rate of failure, longer service life
4, motor: the Aluminum Alloy motor has good characteristics of light weight, small volume, good heat dissipation, good appearance, longer service life, high efficiency and low noise, etc
Application for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump
Widely used in urban water supply and pressure boosting, industrial circulating system and processing system, environmental protection water treatment and infiltration analysis system, liquid conveying, circulation and boosting of hot and cold clean water, soft water.
Stainless Steel type is also used for water with tiny content of alkali, mineral, distilled water, water for swimming pool and solution with chloride, but the allowed temperature of the liquid should be reduced.
Application List
Cooling system
Light Industry-Water
Light Industry-Treatment
Water supply or boosting
Air-conditioning system
Domestic and industrial cleaning
Water treatment and water purification

Structure for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump

Materials for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump Materials

Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump is widely used for clean water, hot water and sea water and chemical processing. There are different material for the pump parts for different liquid pumped:
No. Country Cast iron Ductile Iron Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316
1 China HT250 QT500-7 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr17Ni12Mo2
2 US NO.35 70-50-05 SS304 SS316
3 Japan FC250 FCD500 SUS304 SUS316
4 Germany GG25 GGG50 X5CrNi18.9 X5CrNiMo18.10
5 Italy G25 GS500-7
6 France FGL250 FGS500-7 Z6CN18.09 Z6CND17.12
7 ISO 250 500-7 11 20,20a
We could also do all kinds of special materials like bronze (brass), duplex stainless steel pump and parts for special application.

Performance Data Sheet for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump
QDL Series multistage pump data
Pump Type Flow Head Power
(m3/h) (m) (KW)
QDL 6-25 3-7.5 73.5-306 4-11
QDL12-25 7.5-15 69-338.4 5.5-22
QDL12-50 7.5-15 139.5-648 18.5-75
QDL25-30 15-30 82.5-340 15-45
QDL25-50 15-30 15.78-618 22-110
QDL46-30 30-55 81-340 22-75
QDL46-50 30-55 138-666 37-132
QDL 85-45 55-100 78-459 37-160
QDL 85-67 55-100 183-666 90-250
QDL155-67 100-185 177-684 132-400
QDL280-43 185-335 114-423 160-450
QDL280-65 185-355 372-680 500-800
QDL450-60 335-684 171-650 360-3400
Performance Drawing for QDLH Vertical High Pressure Chemical Pump

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