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QI-Diesel Engine Water Pump

1.Diesel Engine Water Pump introduction
QI(R) Centrifugal diesel engine water pump is a single stage, single suction pump for pumping clean water and the other liquids physically and chemically similar to the clean water. This pump is suitable for public water supply and drainage duties in industries and land irrigation also in agriculture.
QI(R) pump is designed as back pull out construction, which can help the end user maintenance much easier.
QIR types are mainly used in the hot water circulation, which allowed the medium to 150 oC
It also have many different materials design for meeting different working conditions.

2.Diesel Engine Water Pump Feature

(1) The temperature of liquid shall not be over 80 oC for type QI. And QIR can be to 150 oC.
(2) The major components are casing, casing cover, impeller, shaft, wear ring, shaft sleeve, bearing bracket etc.
(3) Diesel water pump is divided into the casing and the casing cover from the back face of the impeller i.e. back pull-out design. QI pump has the advantages for ease of inspection and maintenance. When inspection, only dismantle the intermediate connector between pump coupling and motor coupling. The rotating element can be completely removed without disturbing the casing, suction and discharge pipeline and motor.
3.Diesel Water Pump Application
Industry PlumbingApplications
Generalwatersupply CirculationofHVACbuildingsystems,waterboosterservice,
Agriculture /Food/Beverage Irrigation,watersupply,foodprocessing,beverageprocessing
Manufacturing Pulpandpaperfans,plastic&rubber,metal&steel,
Fire/DisasterRelief Firepumps,fireprotection,floodcontrol,disasterrelief,
Utilities:Water/Wastewater PowerGenerationstations,dewatering,desalination,
Chemical/Mining Chemicalplants,refineries,petroleumdistribution,coalsites,
1.Water supply system; Heat, air condition system
2.Clean,thin,non-corrosive,non-flammable or non-explosive liquid without grain or fiber
3.Booster, constant pressure water supply
4.Firefighting, splitting system, farming irrigation/drainage
5.Industry cooling, heater circulation system; Industry transferring, drain system
4.Diesel Water Pump Materials
The diesel water pump is widely used for clean water, sea water and chemical processing. There are different material for the pump parts for different liquid pumped:

No. Country Cast iron Ductile Iron Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 316
1 China HT250 QT500-7 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr17Ni12Mo2
2 US NO.35 70-50-05 SS304 SS316
3 Japan FC250 FCD500 SUS304 SUS316
4 Germany GG25 GGG50 X5CrNi18.9 X5CrNiMo18.10
5 Italy G25 GS500-7
6 France FGL250 FGS500-7 Z6CN18.09 Z6CND17.12
7 ISO 250 500-7 11 20,20a

We could also do all kinds of special materials like bronze (brass), duplex stainless steel pump and parts for special application.
5.Diesel Water Pump Structure

1.Casing 2.Casing cover
3.Impeller 4.Shaft
5.Wear ring 6. Impeller nut
7. Brake gasket 8.Shaft sleeve
9.Gland 10.Water seal ring
11.Packing 12.Bearing bracket

6.Diesel Water Pump Atlas Curve

7.Diesel Water Pump Performance Data Sheet
PumpType Capacity
QI50 3.1 - 14 3.7-82 0.55-11
QI65 6.1 - 30 3.8-115.4 0.55-30
QI80 12 - 60 3.6-128 0.55-37
QI100 24.3 - 120 3.7-133 1.1-75
QI125 51.4 - 240 8.4-133 4-110
QI150 104 - 240 13-53 11-45
QI200 194-460 13.1-55 22-90
QI250 320-760 22.6-52 75-132
QI300 530-1200 21.9-38 90-132

It is only partly of the pumps we could do, please contact us for more!
8.Diesel Water Pump Size
Type of Pump Pump Pump Feet w Bolt holes Shaft End Space
a f h1 h2 b m1 m2 m3 m4 n1 n2 n3 n4 k1 k2 s1 s2 d L x
QI50 100 500 180 225 65 125 95 25 65 320 250 110 145 20 14 370


2-Φ14.5 32 80 100
QI200 160 670 315 450 100 200 150 38 80 550 450 140 200 30 30 500 4-Φ24 2-Φ18.5 48 110 180

Above just some models for your reference. If need more, contact us please!
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