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ADT Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Pump

1.ADT Desulfurization pump

With the new emissions standards arriving at a time when energy prices and global warming dominate the news, Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) technology has become the hot topic of power generation. Wet FGD technology, which is based on using limestone or lime as a reagent, is a wet scrubbing process and has been the FGD technology most frequently selected for sulfur dioxide (SO2) reduction from coal-fired utility boilers. The ADT series centrifugal slurry pump are special designed for transporting of the limestone or lime in the processing of the wet flue gas desulphurization. The new developed high chrome materials make the ADT pump get better performance at FGD processing!

2.ADT Desulfurization pump Feature

(1)Designed for latest FGD technology

Recent trends in the technology of FGD systems have called for even higher flow capacity in order to reduce installation cost and optimize efficiency

Minimum number of larger diameter fasteners allows all rotating and wearing components, including the mechanical seal, to be inspected without disturbing the suction or discharge pipework. (Back pull out design)
Allows simple removal of the entire assembly for maintenance in a clean environment.

(2)Specifically designed high chrome alloys for handling abrasive and corrosive conditions found in FGD applications

A large diameter, very stiff shaft and short impeller overhand minimizes shaft deflection and so provides excellent conditions for the mechanical seal. Fully protected oversized heavy duty oil lubricated roller and taper roller bearings carry all the radial and thrust loads with unusually high service factors.

(3)The ADT series FGD pumps are designed to be either direct coupled to slow speed electric motors or directly driven through gearboxes.

(4)Lowest cost of operation

Power consumption is by far the largest component of operative costs. Being able to maintain the efficiency throughout the life of the impeller guarantees the

(5)Lowest overall operating costs.

Specially formulated high chromium irons, developed by us combined with optimum impeller vane designs minimize wear in the pumps.

3.ADT Desulfurization pump Application

Widely Fielded Applications

1.Mining & Mineral Processing

2.Flue Gas Desulfurization

3.Coal Washing

4.Building Materials



Cabron In Leach(CIL) Gold

Floor Pumps

Cool Preparation

Mineral Processing

Industrial Sand and Aggregate

Chemical Processing

4.ADT Desulfurization pump Materials

The ADT Desulfurization pump is the heavy duty pump special designed for flue gas desulfurization in power plant and general industrial department.

New development High Chrome Cast Iron make QSZ Submersible Slurry Pump have the long time use-life.

5.ADT Desulfurization pump Structure

6.ADT Desulfurization pump Atlas Curve

7.ADT Desulfurization pump Data Sheet

n Q H Pa η (NPSH)r Motor
r/min m 3/h m Kw % m Type Kw/V
800DT-A96 595 5915 31.3 632.6 79.7 10.1 YKK6301-10 800/6000
7250 29.2 653.7 88.2 YKK6302-10 900/6000
9230 28.8 815.2 88.8 YKK6303-10 1120/6000
10800 26.5 926.8 84.1 YKK710-10 1250/6000
496 4931 21.8 367.3 79.7 7.7 YKK5604-12 500/6000
6044 20.3 378.8 88.2 YKK5604-12 500/6000
7694 20 471.9 88.8 YKK6302-12 630/6000
9003 18.4 536.4 84.1 YKK6303-12 710/6000
800DT-A90 595 6104 27.8 601.7 76.8 5.6 YKK6301-10 800/6000
8527 24.2 641.5 87.6 YKK6301-10 800/6000
9170 22.6 640.6 88.1 YKK6301-10 800/6000
10690 17.3 628.8 80.1 YKK6301-10 800/6000
496 5088 19.3 348.2 76.8 4.3 YKK5603-12 450/6000
7108 16.8 371.2 87.6 YKK5604-12 500/6000
7644 15.7 371 88.1 YKK5604-12 500/6000
8911 12 363.6 80.1 YKK5603-12 450/6000

It is only parts of the data sheet, pls contact us for more!

8.ADT Desulfurization pump Size

It is only the typical data sheet, pls contact us for more!

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