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Diesel Engine Slurry Pump

Diesel Engine Slurry Pump


In usual, there is always power at site so the slurry pump is driven by electric motor.

However, in some conditions, the mine site at remote area or the pump need movable as the dewatering pump, sometimes, the pumps are used as the dredging pump in the dredger etc., there is no electric power supported that the owner of the mine have to use the diesel engine to driven the pump or they have to do whole power system by generator.

All the slurry pump of us like AM mining pump, AZ high efficient heavy duty pump, AMG gravel pump and AWN dredging pump could be driven by diesel engine. All the diesel engine supported by us and the customer could appoint which one is the best for them:

diesel engine brand

We could also do the diesel engine pump with gear box which connect the diesel engine shaft directly to saving the space.

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